Star Wars The Black Series Battlefront Imperial Shock Trooper 6″ Figure Revealed

This morning a new figure in Hasbro’s Star Wars The Black Series 6″ line has been discovered, a Star Wars Battlefront Imperial Shock Trooper. It was reported by Jedi Temple Archives from a German fan site forum who first discovered the figure. The translation isn’t exact, but they say that it is an exclusive, but I’m not entirely sure that is correct.

The figure is based on a Stormtrooper with a new deco from the upcoming video game. So effectively this is just a repaint. That could make it an exclusive, possibly an European one? But more than likely I think it will be available a little more widely than that. Retail Order Sixty Six Toys in the UK has posted a pre-order for the figure with it priced at £24.99 (about $39 USD) and they state it will ship in March 2016.

Details are still sparse and for the most part unknown. Hopefully Hasbro will give some clarification to this mystery Star Wars Battlefront Imperial Shock Trooper figure soon.

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