Star Wars Episode VII Heading To Tatooine To Beign Shooting?

hollywood-movie-newsBadAss Digest is reporting that the filming of (I still can’t believe I’m typing this!) Star Wars Episode VII will be heading to Morocco (Tatooine) on May 14th to begin filming!

Many Bothans etc: sources tell me that Star Wars Episode VII will begin shooting almost exactly six weeks from today, on May 14th. The first two weeks will be on location in Morocco.

I trust this source implicitly, so I take May 14th as the date this movie starts. That means it’s 42 days until Star Wars: Episode VII starts to come alive.

With the new film set 30 years after the events of Return Of The Jedi, I can only imagine what plot lines would being back one of the most iconic planets in the Star Wars universe, Tatooine! Will definitely keep everyone updated as more official news becomes available. (Source: BadAssDigest)

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  • Nick

    Could have sworn they were headed to around the El Paso area for shooting as well. White Sands is in the area. Then there was the other rumor that the Falcon is all ready in construction in the UK. Who knows, either way, should be interesting. Im trying to keep positive with these movies. Thanks for the info!

  • SS210

    For me personally Nick, Harrison Ford reprising Han Solo alone is worth the excitement