Star Wars Celebration: Tamashii Nations Movie Realization Figures

Tamashii Nations Movie Realization
Tamashii Nations is expanding it’s samurai-style Star Wars Movie Realization figure line with new Imperial Troopers, a second Darth Vader and a much-anticipated Boba Fett.

With a Darth Vader and Stormtrooper already released in Japan, Tamashii Nations is working on expanding the Movie Realization line’s Imperial footprint with Sandtroopers and additional troopers based on feudal Japanese soldiers in development. Each of the foot soldier types will include different accessories such as flags and even battle drums and will continue to cross-reference the Imperial military of Star Wars. Besides the foot soldiers, a crimson-colored Imperial Guard is also in development.

Finally, Tamashii provided with a look at two illustrations for figures that are on the “drawing board.” The Darth Vader figure will feature Death Star faction symbols and include a mechanical hand, while the Boba Fett will be integrated into the line as a Ronan. While Fett may not make sense in a line or Imperials, classifying the character as a Ronan, which is a Samauri warrior that lacks a lord or master, is a perfect way to get the affiliation agnostic bounty hunter in the Tamashii Nations Movie Realization line.

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