SS210’s Top 5 Worst Comic Book Films Ever

hollywood-movie-newsIt’s summer time boys and girls! Time of the year is here to head to your local theatre and check out the annual summer blockbuster’s based on our favorite super heroes. Captain America: The Winter Soldier jumped out of the gate early this year, and set the bar pretty high for the rest of the summer hero flicks. We have witnessed some epic four star classics in the past such as The Dark Knight and The Avengers just to name a couple, but what about the movies that sucked Thor’s ass?

I’m not talking about the infamous B-movie duds like 1995’s straight to VHS Fantastic Four either. I am referring to the films that had “huge summer blockbuster” written on them. The films that should have been good?

I thought it would be fun to go over my Top 5 Worst Comic Films of all time that were a huge let down for those that waited in line 2 hours early on opening day. As usual, feel free to jump in and share your best of the worst.

#5: Hulk (2003)

hulk-2003-movie-posterI had such high hope’s for this one back in 2003. After successful X-men and Spider-Man films, I thought we were in for a real treat when it was revealed that we were getting a live action Hulk blockbuster. I remember while waiting in line at the movies with my friends on how sure we were this was going to be an action packed two-hour Hulk Smash fest. It wasn’t.

I actually closed my eyes during the first hour for a “quick rest”. Even when we finally got to see the green beast on-screen, it was almost over before it started during a quick dog fight. Granted the film had a good ending of watching the Hulk run wild over Nevada, and wasn’t a complete let down…but still was quite disappointing once the credits started rolling.

#4: Judge Dredd (1995)

judge-dredd-1995-movie-posterNow this one I can appreciate in a cult classic kind of way. I still chuckle every time I hear Stallone yell, “I AM THE LAW,” or Rob Schneider’s line, “Five YEARS!!!…For saving my OWN ASS”.

Sure the special effects back then were actually pretty good for this flick, but you have to admit, this was still a pretty cheesy summer film that failed to meet its hyped expectations.

#3: Daredevil (2003)

daredevil-movie-posterThe beginning intro for Daredevil was actually pretty promising. Then went downhill from there and fell into a cheese fest that never let up. Had some cool moments, but I for one will never forgive director Mark Steven Johnson for that ridiculous park sparring session with Elektra.

If this is the Ben Affleck that shows up for Batman vs. Superman next year, I think the future of any DC Justice League film will have some serious damage control to manage. That being said, Affleck has come a long way since 2003. Anyone who has seen Argo can surely testify to his acting capabilities.

#2: Batman and Robin (1997)

batman-and-robin-1997-movie-posterBeing a huge Batman fan, it really hurts to see this film on my list. With Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman cleaning up with both box office and critic reviews, summer Batman films were money in the bank with its next two sequels. Both Batman Returns and Batman Forever dominated box office opening weekends. Sure, director Joel Schumacher took the franchise in a different direction with Forever, but at least it was some what entertaining.

I honestly thought as I watched the beginning of this film during the bat suit butt cheek camera zoom ins, that Joel Schumacher just might have been battling a secret crack addiction while filming this. Then it only got worse…and worse…and worse again. Mr. Freeze’s ice hockey henchmen, the clicking of the heels as Batman and Robin turned their boots in ice skates…every scene with Poison Ivy and Bane. Was just too much. I honestly thought that Schumacher nailed this Batman film…he just researched the wrong era and went with the neon lights and campiness of the 1966’s Batman.

#1: Superman IV The Quest For Peace (1987)

superman-iv-movie-posterThis was a toss-up between Superman 3 and 4. Truth is, they both were horrible compared to the epic four star first two Superman films. Thing is though, as bad as Superman 3 was, at least it was “so bad it’s funny”. Watching evil Superman trying to get laid was comedy gold! Superman 4 was simply “so bad, it’s still just very, very bad”. No excuse for this one.

The only way I could watch this film again, would be tied up to a lazy boy chair while having a Las Vegas dancer give me a lap dance while another dancer give’s me a shoulder massage as I sip on a frozen piña colada AND I am given a check at the end of credits.

*Note: Even though these films are on my “worst comic film” list, I must admit that my love for the characters/franchises allows me to enjoy these films on a brain-dead viewing mentality, except for my #1 of course.

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  • Spiderpope

    If the studio had allowed Johnson to release the cut he wanted, Daredevil wouldn’t be on this list. Everyone should watch the Directors Cut of the film, it really is far superior to what was released in cinemas.

    • I’ve heard that before, but yet to see the director’s cut. I should pick up a copy and change that. Though I doubt it fixes my issue with the film, Bullseye. Really couldn’t stand Colin Farrell in it.