SS210’s Top 5 Games That Need A Reboot Or Sequel

video-games-gaming-newsSequels and reboots in the video game industry are as common as strippers and blackjack in Vegas. Every year at E3, developers reveal new and exciting games that we will be playing through the night till the early morning sunrise. That being said, I can’t help but feel this empty void in my inner geek heart of the no shows or duds of some of my favorite gaming franchises that has either been M.I.A. or was just a horrid game over the last two decades.

Remember, before 2009, even franchises such as High Moon’s Transformers and Rocksteady’s Batman series were also long time members of the “crappy games club.” So with that in mind, hop in and ride shotgun with me and let’s punch the gas as I discuss my (or your) top 5 franchises that I would love to see a polished sequel or reboot of.

#1 G.I. Joe

During the 1980’s, the G.I. Joe franchise was king. Successful toy lines, cartoons, and comics paved the way into the early 1990’s to claim the franchises place in the video games arena. Side-scroller run and gun shooters G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor were solid to say the least, but nothing ground breaking.

Then the G.I. Joe franchise gave the gaming industry it’s very own Jimmy Hoffa impersonation. Wasn’t untill the 2009 movie tie in Rise Of Cobra when we got to see another Joe game. It was bad. Like 3.5 out of 10 GameInformer review bad. Not even getting on the front cover of GamePro magazine prior to launch was enough to help sales on this city garbage dump of a game.

What are the odds that gamers will ever get a good Joe game? I wouldn’t bet the mortgage payment on it. Sadly, saying that the G.I. Joe franchise is in transition would be being nice. With the toy lines slowly fading on the retail shelves and no cartoon series, the property isn’t giving old and potential new fans much of an opportunity to keep up with more popular brands that get the video game treatment.

However, if we ever did get a new G.I. Joe game, what genre would it most likely be? Many gamers and Joe fans have requested a first person shooter. With heavy hitters like Call Of Duty, Halo, Titanfall, Battlefield, and a long list of B list copy cat’s, I’m afraid a G.I. Joe first person shooter has lost it’s window. Personally speaking, I think a few ideas that could still work would be a fun arcade fighting game with cartoon themed arenas like the Terror Drome for example.

Perhaps a 3rd person stealth action game with alternating characters similar to a Metal Gear Solid or Star Wars: The Force Unleashed? I think my number one wish to see a game come to fruition would be a game using developer Dice’s Star Wars Battlefront engine. I can just imagine playing and watching an epic Cobra battle with all my favorite characters running around driving VAMPs and flying rattlers.

Hopefully with the probable G.I. Joe 3 coming to theatres in 2016, the industry will have something to surprise Joe fans and gamers with at E3. Key word being, “hopefully”.

#2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Was 1990 that long ago? Seems like just yesterday, my friends and I would stop at the local arcade after school and pop a few tokens in the addicting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade. It was too much fun to control the turtles as we kicked shell one level after another as we worked our way to the Technodrome to battle Shredder. The game stayed true to the 1980’s cartoon while giving us the chance to play with our favorite turtle.

Little did we know what dark times for the franchise were on the horizon. After the excellent Turtles In TIme, the franchise took a huge nose dive. Konami would release several more TMNT games over the years on consoles ranging from Game Boy Advance, Genesis, PlayStation 2, GameCube, and a few handhelds. All mediocre reviews.

2008’s PSN and Xbox 360’s download only TMNT: Turtles In Time was actually a fun game. However, many critics felt it was also mediocre due to the game not giving us anything new. I think many failed to realize that this was meant to be a new gen make over of the original.

Then the shells really hit the fan when the much-anticipated 2013 TMNT: Out Of The Shadows launched. GameInformer pretty much gave the game its own tombstone inscription with a 2 out of 10 review. I actually appreciated what developer Red Fly Studios was going for in that game. A Batman Arkham fighting engine with the ability to be able to switch between turtles on the fly. Problem was, the game was a never-ending glitch and bug festival with a bad camera to boot.

What are the odds that gamers will ever get a good TMNT game? I would say fairly solid. With Nickelodeon’s success with both the new cartoon series going 4 seasons strong and the new live action film already announcing a sequel in 2016, I’d say a game is already secretly in developement. I for one, am keeping fingers crossed for a Rocksteady Arkham style turtles game that is NYC open world and allows me to free run the rooftops all the way down to my sewer lair. I think if not Rocksteady, Infamous’s Sucker Punch would be perfect for the project. Only time will tell.

#3 Pitfall

I know, I am going way back on this one. Back in the day, this sucker got as much joy stick action as Pac-Man in my house growing up. Sure, a modern game reboot would most likely only be in name only, but still could be fun. All a developer needs to do is turn this…

into this…

#4 Die Hard

Last time we saw a Die Hard game was the 1996 Die Hard Trilogy on the original Playstation. The game was awesome for its time. Mostly an on rails shooter and 3rd person adventure.

That was almost 20 years ago. Odds we will ever get a modern reboot? Considering we are still getting live action Die Hard films, who’s to say we won’t ever get a new game to play? Great hero with personality, terrorist to shoot, and an evil leader to stop in the end. Sounds like a foundation for a great game to me. With today’s graphics on the new hardware, I would love to see a modern reboot beginning with the classic original at the Nakatomi Plaza! A good blue print would be Naughty Dogs Uncharted series. I could talk Die Hard video game ideas all day, so let’s just move on.

#5 Superman

Superman has had a bad history in the gaming industry. Almost laughable. From 1992’s Sega Genesis Superman game to the 2006 movie tie in on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, Superman games just plain sucked. I get it, how do you make a game that offers a challenge when you are SUPERMAN? Even if you are playing a game with the Man Of Steel where every enemy is packing kryptonite automatic weapons, I still could easily see myself getting bored pretty fast.

The Odds of getting a good modern Superman game? Hard to predict. I think with the Man Of Steel/Justice League film coming in 2016, anything is possible with the suits in Hollywood wanting to promote their DC icon. I think if there is any developer that could really pull off a Superman video game miracle, it would be Rocksteady Studio’s…hands down.

When Rocksteady announced that Batman: Arkham Knight would be their final Batman game so the studio could move on to other projects, I immediately thought to myself, “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, wait is that a modern Superman video game that doesn’t suck!?

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