SS210’s Five Classic B Movies That Deserve A Reboot

hollywood-movie-newsWith the recent news this past year of the Terminator franchise getting a trilogy reboot on my mind last night, it got me thinking. How many reboots have we gotten over the past few years? From Clash Of The Titans, Total Recall, The Karate Kid, and Red Dawn to upcoming Fantastic 4,Tomb Raider, and The Mummy, there is no end in sight to the big box office summer blockbuster reboot.

Some love them, some hate them. Honestly, personally just enjoy being entertained. I believe a bad/good reboot doesn’t take anything away from the original. I would like to offer a little advice to Hollywood though, not every reboot needs to be based off already successful film franchises. Why not reboot a film that may not of gotten rave reviews? Why not reboot some cult B movie classics?

Below are my Top 5 B Movie Classics (in no particular order) of some of my favorite movies or just really bad movies that I would love to see a reboot of. As usual, please feel free to disagree and/or add to the list and hopefully maybe one day we can see one of these come to fruition.

#1 Big Trouble In Little China

I will make no apologies here. John Carpenter’s Big Trouble In Little China is truly one of my all time favorite cult classic B movies. Jack Burton was a hilarious character that I don’t think any actor would be able to truly to justice to and come close to accomplishing what Kurt Russel did. That being said, I bet some of Hollywood’s better writers and actors could have a lot of fun rebooting this 1980’s gem.

#2 Flash Gordon

I think Mark Wahlberg said in best in Ted when referring to this film, “Flash Gordon: So wrong…and yet so right”. This was a bad movie. Even as a kid, it wasn’t one of my favorites. Still, how many of us have come across it channel surfing at 3am and couldn’t help but chuckle as you just couldn’t stop watching it…like a bad car wreck on the road.

If there is any B movie that truly NEEDS a reboot, this just might be the one. I can really see a film studio taking a more serious tone with this and sprinkle in some nice CGI effects.

#3 The Last Dragon

Come on, you know deep down inside that you would love a modern take on Bruce Leroy and Sho-Nuff giving us an urban comedy kung fu flick. This was one of the best B movies out there growing up. The flick had a funny hero,and a hilarious football shoulder padded villain.

Throw in the kung-fu and the glowing fist of fury and you got yourself a nice comedy reboot that would bring in box office dollars just for the curiosity alone.

#4 Gremlins

Very few films can successfully combine the emotions of a horror, comedy, and adventure film like Gremlins. As a kid, I remember loving the cute little “Gizmo” that was given on the sly at a local china shop during the holidays. The comedy of watching little green gremlins running around causing all kinds of hell.

The fear of watching the events unfold when a gremlin eats a piece of chicken past midnight. With modern special effects and maybe a Seth Rogen and his crew headlining the film, could be a huge hit all over again.

#5 The Burbs

Another favorite of mine. Tell me you couldn’t see Ben Stiller filling in for Tom Hanks iconic role as Ray Peterson in the hilarious take on the suburbs and it’s gossip and drama? I could even see Owen Wilson joining in the fun as well since they share such great chemistry. Could be another winner similar to the Starksy and Hutch reboot a few years back.

There are a few that didn’t make the list due to rumors of a reboot already in the works (The Rocketeer, Goonies) or films that on paper might look like a B movie such as Ghostbusters. Problem there, is the Ghostbusters got 4 stars. In retrospect, even though there has been off and on rumors of a Ghostbusters sequel, I think a reboot would still be a bit better than a real sequel.

I mean, has anyone seen these guys lately? Can’t really see them putting on any proton packs anytime soon. I think they missed their window in the mid 1990s. So let’s hear it, what classic B movie would you like to see get the Hollywood reboot treatment?

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