SS210’s First Impressions: Star Wars Battlefront

With Star Wars fever rapidly spreading across the galaxy, gamers were at long last finally able to rip the plastic off the highly anticipated, Star Wars Battlefront, effective at midnight last night. I am happy to report that I was one of those gamers in line at my local GameStop last night. The atmosphere was rich with the Star Wars buzz as gamers stood in line with their free pizza in hand and Star Wars collectables in front of our eyes. Some even showed up in costume.

I don’t think I have ever witnessed this kind of midnight game release before. Almost had a comic con feel. It was a stormy night in Chicago, but that didn’t stop many from being the first to get their hands on what many would agree is the most anticipated Star Wars game in video game history. Bold statement for sure, but does the game deliver? Join me as I cannon ball myself into the deep end of Battlefront with my hands on first impressions and be sure to share your experience with us!

Right off the bat, I am asked to enjoy my “inner dark side,” as I am greeted by playing as Darth Vader destroying anything that moves in a Rebel uniform as the game installs. I can tell you , I have played with a lot of hard-core bad mofo’s before, but never one as unstoppable as Darth Vader in Star Wars Battlefront. When holding the L2 button, Vader begins to spin his Sith iconic red lightsaber as he deflects every blast that comes his way and is able to aim where you want to redirect the incoming blast attacks. Looks amazing and right out of the films.

Once the game finished installing, we are able to either play a tutorial with a bit of story and cinema cut scenes or option B, to simply jump online. I went with option B. The game has a nice amount of game modes. Among my favorites, were Fighter Squadron and Walker Assault. Not to imply the other modes are bad. Both Supremacy, which is very similar to Battlefield’s Conquest mode, and the standard Team Deathmatch were both fun but these two had me hooked until the early morning hours.

Fighter Squadron screams at your inner “Last Starfighter” childhood as you fly your X-Wing into epic sky dog fights right out of the films. Granted there are no space maps…yet. I am sure the upcoming DLC will eventually remedy that. Anyone who has ever played DICE’s Battefield series, can confirm flying planes and even choppers had a ridiculous learning curve. I never got into flying in Battlefield as a result. Hard to feel like Maverick from Top Gun when your constantly crashing into mountains and tree’s. Not so with Battlefront. Almost taking a page out of the classic arcades, flying is fun! Attempting to lock on to that pesky TIE Fighter as you barrel role in your X-Wing and watch the Falcon fly by with tie fighters exploding in the background is almost worth the price of admission alone for me. If you were a fan of the classic Rogue Squadron games back on the Nintendo GameCube, then you will love Fighter Squadron on Battlefront.

Walker Assault is the meat and potatoes of the game and boy what a healthy plate it is. The maps are just jaw dropping, console selling, holy Jabba is that Leia in a bikini on your chain gorgeous! Hoth, Endor, and Geonosis were all impressive, most impressive. One thing I can always say about developer DICE, they know how to make a good map. Feel free to run where ever you wish throughout the Forest of Endor, or the Rebel Base on Hoth. These maps are perfectly shaped for the 40 player online matches. Unlike Battlefield 4, you never have to look to hard to find the action. Watching AT-AT’s stomping through the forest is one of those moments in gaming where you just simply watch for a few seconds before snapping out of it and getting back to the match objective.

Also note worthy is the sheer excitement and depending on your team, the fear of when you hear “Lord Vader’s ship has been spotted” on your Rebel radio. Seeing the Emperor, Vader, Fett, and Luke running around the game is pure Lucas magic. Playing with your friends as you are all backed into a corner as Vader speed walks your way is down right terrifying.

If EA wanted to deliver an epic game that boasted amazing graphics and classic online moments of amazing action where fan boys get to relive the best scenes from the films, then I would say EA and Dice hit a home run. That said, is it worth the $60? Depends on the gamer.

If you’re not a huge Star Wars fan and don’t plan on getting the season pass (which will be releasing an additional 16 maps to the games 12 maps at launch), then you might want to simply check this game out on Gamefly. Yes, there is no story campaign and that does hurt a bit. Sure, the games co-op mission base is nothing ground breaking with the same old “survive the waves” mode. However, that is not why I will play this game. I will play it because it is simply fun. Incredible fun. The Star Wars game I always wanted to play. I will take the season pass to keep the game fresh and will most likely be my online shooter for 2016. May the force be with you, and I will see you on Hoth as I throw my saber around like a boomerang.

I give Star Wars Battlefront 4 out of 5 Ninja Throwing Stars.

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