The current Spider-Verse event transcending the Spider-Man family of titles is something interesting. A pretty fun event that is bringing the Spider-Men and Spider-Women of many alternate universes together as they are hunted by Morlun and his family known as the Inheritors. In the first issue of the anthology book, Spider-Verse #1, we truly see just how far this is going into alternate universes where a Spider-Man or Spider-Woman exists. This includes the old Hostess Cake ads found in the Marvel Comics back in the ’70s and ’80s. It also includes the Spider-Man that was (still is?) featured in the weekly newspaper strips, and even pokes fun of it.

All of this created for a truly unique book overall, and not something I was totally expecting. There is also the introduction of another Spider-Family member that I’m sure will be a big hit at least at conventions, May Reilly, aka Lady Spider. She is kind of a mash-up of the Iron-Spider costume and Steampunk. There is even a Steampunk version of the Sinister Six featured. Overall Spider-Verse #1 was entertaining, but I imagine this one will be more for the dedicated Spider-Man fans with a cover priced of $4.99.

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