Spider-Man Homecoming Version Figure Slinging Into Medicom’s MAFEX Lineup

Medicom MAFEX Spider-Man HomecomingSpider-Man, based on his depiction in Marvel’s forthcoming feature-film Spider-Man: Homecoming, is slinging his way into Medicom’s MAFEX lineup.

Medicom announced their MAFEX Homecoming version of Spider-Man will include interchangeable portraits including one featuring the likeness of actor Tom Holland, who takes over the starring role as Spidey for Disney’s. Medicom’s photos suggest the figure features some ridiculous articulation, includes a variety of switch-out hands, a web effect, a mask and comes with an articulated figure stand.

Medicom’s MAFEX Spider-Man is scheduled for release in October and is priced ¥6,800; about $60.

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