Southland’s Michael Cudlitz Lands Role on The Walking Dead as Sgt. Abraham Ford!

television-news-and-talkIf you didn’t watch Southland on TNT, the you really missed out on a great television series. In the 5 seasons (2009–2013) it was on TV, 1 at NBC, 4 at TNT, it was some of the best intense drama, and certainly one of the best police procedural shows to date. One of the best characters on the show was Officer John Cooper, whom was played by Michael Cudlitz. When it was announced earlier this year that TNT wasn’t renewing the show, I was saddened to hear it.

Where am I going with this? Well some great news involving Michael Cudlitz was announced. The Walking Dead will be adding Cudlitz to a pivotal role on the show. He has been cast as Sgt. Abraham Ford. First introduced in The Walking Dead, issue #53, Abraham — an Army man and sports team coach before the outbreak — becomes Rick’s right-hand man and one of the group’s most essential defenders. Cudlitz has been on location in Georgia shooting for weeks now, but somehow managed to stay under the radar. Until today, when it was announced at the New York Comic Con that he had joined the show.

One of the reasons this remained unknown was because Cudlitz worked hard to stay low-key and kept to himself. “I was laying low because [Abraham has] a very iconic look,” explains Cudlitz, “It would be very easy for somebody to put the pieces together if they saw me strolling around [near the show’s set.] So I was staying very close to the hotel. And I didn’t hang out with any of the other castmembers.” I know I can’t wait to see him on the show, looking forward to what he brings to the role. (Source: TV Line)

the-walking-dead-michael-cudlitz-as-sgt-abraham-ford the-walking-dead-abraham-ford

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