Soul of Gokin, Machine Robo (aka Gobots) Masterpiece Level Figures

Probably not likely by this point, but if you did miss it, thanks to the Tag Hobby Facebook page we have learned that there are some Masterpiece level Gokin Machine Robo (aka Gobots) coming. This new high-end collectables line called Soul of Gokin, is coming from Bandai and Action Toys. Shown in the images are Cy-Kill, Jet Robo (aka Fitor), Drill Robo (aka Screwhead), Turbo, Leader-1, Tank Robo (aka Tank) and Shuttle Robo (aka Spay-C). These are in display this weekend at the 2015 Japan Dynamic Toy Show. No other details are known at this time, soon as more is revealed we’ll be sure to pass it along.

gokin-machine-robo-gobots-masterpiece-01 gokin-machine-robo-gobots-masterpiece-02

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