Sony’s PlayStation 4 Launch Price Announced, Undercuts Microsoft’s Xbox One!

video-games-gaming-newsAnd the opening salvos have been fired. Microsoft announced their launch price for the upcoming next-gen console Xbox One today. Priced at $499. Sony too announced their pricing for the next-gen PlayStation 4, at a $100 less! That is right, priced less than the Xbox One! The launch price will be $399! So the battle continues for the dominance of the console market, but it is looking like Sony will be taking the lead this time around. What do you think? Are you more interested in the PlayStation 4 now based on the price? Does having no DRM and not requiring it be online 24/7 a helping deciding factor? Sound off in the comments below. (Via Kotaku)

playstation-4-image-large playstation-4-controller-01 playstation-4-controller-02 playstation-4-camera

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