Sony E3 Roadmap to Make the PlayStation 4 the Only System You’ll Ever Need

It seems that Sony and Microsoft are trading notes. Whereas XBox One will shift its focus to gaming content, PlayStation 4 will rely on exclusivity and taking what Microsoft has brought to their newest system and make it better… or at least their own.

The Sony E3 presentation was longer than their competitions, but there was a lot of content to reveal. There was really something for everyone: from the hardcore gamer, to the entertainment-junkie, to the casual gamer. Among the peripherals and accessories introduced for the calendar year are PlayStation TV (already launched as Vita TV in Japan), PlayStation Now (with beta-testing for the US and Canada at the end of July), and a gleaming white PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle coming September 9, 2014. One unique addition includes Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis bringing his new series Powers as 10 one-hour episodes for the first season exclusively to the PlayStation 4. This will come as free entertainment on the PS4 with your Playstation Plus membership service.

This does not mean their were threadbare on gaming news. There was not only an emphasis on first party games, but there will be exclusive remasters, such as Grand Theft Auto 4 and The Last of Us, for the PlayStation 4, as well. As someone who sticks to his classics, even these new games make me want to grab a controller for a Saturday afternoon and have a long-overdue gaming session. Destiny seems to be the big system-seller for 2014, bundled with the white PS4. Utilizing the online capabilities of the system, players can sign up today to check out an alpha build of the game, with a playable beta version coming July 24. Some exciting games previewed include classic platformer threequel Little Big Planet 3 and flying-simulation/first-person shooter/space exploration game No Man’s Sky from Hello Games. Other PS4 gaming highlights had Batman patrolling the streets with the Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight, stage mechanics incorporated into the environment a la Injusice or Mortal Kombat X, and an increased emphasis on story-driven co-operative game play in first-person shooter Far Cry 4.

All that was described above really only scratches the surface of what can be seen as a banner year for Sony. The name of the game is variety and exclusivity, and they made a sound argument that a PlayStation 4 should be in your house (or under a Christmas tree) by year’s end. Follow more of Sony’s PlayStation E3 coverage at their PlayStation blog.

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