Sony Confirms Director Marc Webb Will Return for Amazing Spider-Man 3, Also Planning For A New Spider-Man Film A Year

hollywood-movie-newsEarlier today, Variety reported that Sony has confirmed that director Marc Webb will be returning for The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Webb is still putting the final touches on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for it to arrive in theaters on May 2, 2014; but that apparently hasn’t stopped Sony from locking in and planning for a sequel.

Sony is also taking a page from the Marvel/Disney playbook and planning to release a Spider-Man film each year. Now this doesn’t mean just Spider-Man, this includes the previously announced Venom and Sinister Six films. As much as I’m enjoying these comic book movies, I’m afraid that a bloated comic book film release schedule will start to turn people off of them.

Right now I think Marvel has played it right, but with Disney saying they will release a Star Wars film a year, then Sony saying annual Spider-Man films; next thing you know Fox will be getting in on it. Sounds great in theory, just hope it doesn’t cause things to go bust. (Source: Variety)

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