Something That Will Never Be, LEGO Hitman!

toy-news-and-talkSomething about making a LEGO version of a popular property is very cool to me. But in reality, it isn’t always something that would work. Considering the age range that LEGO falls into. This is one of those things. A Danish designer named Jonathan Trier, wants to see a LEGO series with a more mature slant…LEGO Hitman. Considering how violent the Hitman series is, this will never be considered for the LEGO treatment, but it still pretty cool to think about. Trier worked up some mockups of what it could look like too, check out the images below. (Via Kotaku)

jonathan-trier-lego-hitman-concept-01 jonathan-trier-lego-hitman-concept-02 jonathan-trier-lego-hitman-concept-03 jonathan-trier-lego-hitman-concept-04

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