Sneak Peek at Upcoming Glyos System Glyaxia 2.0 Release

toy-news-and-talkOver at the Onell Design blog, a preview of the upcoming Glyaxia release has been posted. This is a release that Matt has wanted to do since the first Glyaxia release in 2010. This run as you can see will feature a “very bright and vibrant, looking a little punchier than the original run.” I’m really liking the color combination, and looking forward to picking up a few of these. More details are still to come, so check back later. Meanwhile check out the Glyaxia preview images below.

UPDATE 5/6: Added another image featuring the Dark Traveler in the upcoming Glyaxia colors.

glyos-glyaxia-command-block-preview-01 glyos-glyaxia-command-block-preview-02 glyos-glyaxia-command-block-preview-03 glyos-glyaxia-command-block-preview-04 glyos-glyaxia-command-block-preview-dark-traveler

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