Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter Update: Design Notes, and Funding Needed Still!

George and Ayleen Gaspar of October Toys have posted a great update today discussing the latest Skeleton Warriors figure they are looking to make. Grimskull is now in the last days of its Kickstarter and today we get a look at some of the design notes that went into the interchangeable chest piece.

Since Grimskull is utilizing the Glyos System for its build, that means that parts can be easily swap and interchanged. This includes the chest piece. Since they couldn’t decide on a final design, with the cartoon and concept art showing two similar but different looks, they decided to include both. Who doesn’t love options? The final piece looks great, but this figure won’t become a reality unless we can get more funding. They currently sit just below $22,000, and they still need another $28,000 to make this figure happen.

There are only 7 days left, so help spread the word. Their first figure, Baron Dark, is a great modern update to the vintage 90’s figure.

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