Sideshow Shares Images of Hot Toys MGS Naked Snake (Sneaking Suit Version) Thermal Effect Packaging

toy-news-and-talkA couple of day ago, Sideshow Collectibles shared images of the packaging for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Naked Snake (Sneaking Suit Version) and The Boss Sixth Scale figures from Hot Toys. The images feature the thermal sensitive effect used on the packaging, which the front and sides of the boxes will color-change when they come in contact with warm hands. And today, they showed that in addition to the cool thermal effect packaging, they will feature autographs from artists Mr. Hideo Kojima and Mr. Yoji Shinkawa. Both the Snake Eater Naked Snake (Sneaking Suit Version) and The Boss are available for pre-order and are shipping next month.

hot-toys-mgs-naked-snake-sneaking-suit-version-01 hot-toys-mgs-naked-snake-sneaking-suit-version-02 hot-toys-mgs-naked-snake-sneaking-suit-version-03 hot-toys-mgs-naked-snake-sneaking-suit-version-04

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