Shred The Streets In Style With Kidrobot’s Dunny Skateboard Deck


Growing up I used to skateboard–it was something I really enjoyed doing with my friends as we went everywhere. One of the things I really liked about skateboarding besides learning new tricks and hanging out with friends, was the artwork on the decks. There has always been some fantastic art found on them, some being very memorable to me like the Santa Cruz Screaming Hand and Slasher, along with Steve Caballero‘s dragon desks or the iconic Tony Hawk skull decks. Not only are these fun to ride, but they also make great display pieces.

And that is where I’m going with this as Kidrobot today announced the Dunny Skateboard Deck. The deck features a black and yellow design on the bottom with a Dunny outline and Kidrobot logos. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t slap some grip tape, trucks and wheels on it and hit the streets either. The Kidrobot Dunny Skateboard Deck is limited to a 100 pieces and priced at $49.99 plus shipping.

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