Shocking Comic News – Gender Benders and Gay Assassinations

Marvel Reveals New Female Thor Comic - Thor #1

Marvel Reveals New Female Thor Comic – Thor #1

Following the recent trend that every comic needs some kind shocking revelation to spice it up – the next guy’s a different race, this character’s gay, so-and-so’s going to die – both Thor and Archie announced their new twists.

Marvel has revealed that a new comic, set to launch in the fall, will feature a female Thor. The current series, Thor: God of Thunder, ends in September, and the female will pick up the hammer when the current wielder is deemed no longer worthy. This tease is strategically released the week before San Diego Comic-Con, so expect a giant push from there next week, along with an abnormal amount of Lady Thor cosplayers to give the Lady Lokis a run for their money.

We told you previously that Archie was going to die in an upcoming issue of Life with Archie, but today we learned how. He’s shot. Taking a bullet for his gay best friend. In an assassination attempt on the newly elected senator. Who is in favor of increased gun control. I can’t even…

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  • I still am I little confused about the whole new Thor. As someone who hasn’t read much- 10 or so from marvel. I don’t really see why? There’s plenty of female superheroes already. I never liked the whole Super (this instance) girl/woman thing as it’s cheesy and never really made sense at least to me. I expect this relates to the movies somehow but I’m not looking forward to when They change the characters- If one dies another just takes up his outfit. It’s just ridiculous. I think that’s the intention with Bucky but I dread it seeing that Cap’s my favourite superhero.