Sentinel Reveals 4INCHNEL MegaMan.EXE Hub Style Repaint


Back in April, Sentinel announced a new line of 4-inch figures–called 4INCHNEL–based on the popular video game franchise, MegaMan. At the time they introduced two figures, MegaMan and MegaMan.EXE. Now fast forward to today and Sentinel has announced the first repaint of the line with MegaMan.EXE Hub Style.

This technically is more than just a repaint since this is actually one of eight different styles that MegaMan.EXE can apply to himself to transform for different functions. It looks as though the figure will be coming with the same accessories and optional parts as the regular MegaMan.EXE, which includes an arm cannon, an arm-mountable blade, an interchangeable masked face and a stand with articulated arm.

Look for the 4INCHNEL MegaMan.EXE Hub Style to be released in September 2016. He is priced at 4,320 yen, which is about $40 USD.

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