Sebastian Stan Reveals He Has A Nine-Picture Deal With Marvel

hollywood-movie-newsIn an interview with Newsarama, actor Sebastian Stan says he thinks he has a nine-picture deal with Marvel Studios. Stan is returning in the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie as the titular character, Winter Soldier (aka James “Bucky” Barnes). Now if it does turn out to be nine movies that his deal is for, this doesn’t necessarily mean they will just be full-length feature films, this could include after credits scenes and Marvel One-Shots too.

But some food for thought here is, what if the Marvel Cinematic Universe follows the comics and replaces Chris Evans as Captain America with Sebastian Stan? Stans deal, if correct, would only be matched by Samuel L. Jackson who also has a nine-picture deal, with Chris Evans following behind with six.

So what Marvel has planned for Winter Soldier/James Barnes will remain to be seen. I hope we do get more of Stan as Winter Soldier though, because he looks spot on to the comics book! (Source: Newarama)


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