SDCC 2014: More Toys R Us / Entertainment Earth Exclusives Hit Stores

SDCC 2014 Toys R Us Exclusives

My Little Pony weren’t the only exclusive toys hitting shelves the week after San Diego Comic-Con. This weekend, the boys toy aisle were filled with the likes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, and Star Wars.

The Ninja Turtle Classics figures are based in the 90’s movie (not the Michael Bay creations). Some deco appears to have been dropped from earlier photos, as is Playmates’ trademark. Riding the same wave of nostalgia, the 5″ Power Rangers figures come in the same triangular box of the originals. The current assortment includes armored Red Ranger, Green Ranger, White Ranger, and Lord Zedd (debuting first in San Diego). The others are scheduled for release, and their weapons combine to form the Power Blaster. The Han Solo and Greedo Star Wars Black Series set is not treading new toy territory, but it is noteworthy to mention that this marks the first Hasbro Star Wars collectible that bares the Disney logo on the box.

As of now, no sightings of Transformers Masterpiece Prowl and Sunstorm, nor of the GI Joe Danger in the Docks set. While those these seeking them out wait on baited breath, check out the gallery below of what you can expect to see at your local Toys R Us. Pre-orders are sold out online, so let the (somewhat apropos) old-school hunt begin.

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