SDCC 2014: My Little Pony TRU Exclusives Hit Stores

SDCC 2014 My Little Pony Exclusives

During San Diego Comic-Con, Toys R Us and Entertainment Earth gave attendees a first glimpse of the amazing array of shared exclusives at their booth. Now, Toys R Us customers nationwide have an opportunity to enjoy the same new items the following week. While shopping for my friend’s daughters, I not only happened upon the SDCC 2013 Toys R Us Exclusive Nightmare Moon 8-inch pony and 4-inch Rainbow Dash as Shadowbolt, but joining them on the pegs are this year’s Queen Chrysalis 8-inch pony and Equestria Girls Zecora!

Unfortunately, the 8-inch and Equestria Girls Mane-iac Mayhem will not be accompanying the abovementioned ponies at Toys R Us. Keeps your eyes peeled at, because post-Comic-Con supplies can pop up at any time! Until then, swing by your local Toys R Us and grab the latest entries of their exclusive collection!

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  • I like this new batmobile and it looks
    good though I hope the guns aren’t permanent. Insert plot problems here- “We
    don’t use guns, I do” . I’m looking forward to Bvs the least out of the big 3.