SDCC 2013: Interview with NECA’s Randy Falk, Discusses the Tribute of Aliens Series 2 Sgt. Craig Windrix

toy-news-and-talkThere has been a ton of great news and updates coming out of Comic-Con the last four days. Amazing stuff. NECA included. One of their reveals for Comic-Con is the Aliens Series 2 figures, Sgt. Craig Windrix. At the time, many were probably scratching their heads on who this was. As there was no Sgt. Craig Windrix in the 1986 Aliens movie. Randy Falk took to twitter to tell fans that the figure is a tribute to a NECA “family” member that was diagnosed with cancer. In fact he is brother to one of the NECA sculptors, Kyle Windrix. So through discussion with Fox, they have added the figure to the line as a tribute to this real life hero that is fighting one of the unfortunate enemies that we all face. Thanks to Action Figure Insider, who was able to take a few minutes to talk to Randy Falk, we have more details of the story that has led to this figure being created. A powerful story. Certainly one I think we can all support. (Source: AFI)


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