Same Story, Different Show — Cartoon Network Pulls New Episodes of Beware the Batman

television-news-and-talkThis could just be a rumor, but cartoon news site, Nick and More, has a pretty good reputation of being spot on with what they report. Any ways, they are reporting that Cartoon Network has pulled new episodes of Beware the Batman. I thought something weird was going on since it disappeared from the schedule, but then again, cartoons these days seem to take weird mid-season breaks without any kind of warning.

Now this isn’t the first time Carton Network has pulled the cord on a DC Nation series, they killed off Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice earlier this year. I hope there is a good reason for Beware the Batman being pulled and we’ll see it return soon, the show was really starting to grow on me. (Source: Twitter)

UPDATE: Anthony Ruivivar who voices Batman on Beware the Batman posted to Twitter early this morning that show has not been cancelled, but delayed until January 2014 now. Really wish I could understand Cartoon Network’s thinking some times. Well at least we can look forward to more episodes. Just wonder how many now.

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