Salem Star Iddo Goldberg Cast As Dr. T.O. Morrow and Red Tornado For SUPERGIRL TV Series?

Yesterday, broke the news that Salem star Iddo Goldberg has been cast in the roles of Dr. T.O. Morrow and Red Tornado for the upcoming CBS Supergirl TV series. That is correct, he will be playing both Dr. Morrow the creator of Red Tornado and the android himself. How exactly this will play out remains to be seen. It also remains to be seen if Red Tornado will look anything like his comic book appearance or something entirely different. Hopefully we’ll get some answers to these questions soon with production for the series already underway. Supergirl premieres on Monday, October 26th at 8:30 p.m. EST, then the series will then move to its regular scheduled Monday night time slot at 8 p.m. the following week, on November 2nd.


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