Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Sphinx Pharaoh Announced as Tamashii Web Exclusive

The Saint Seiya Myth Cloth line continues to grow with the latest addition from the Hades chapter, specter Sphinx Pharaoh. Unfortunately, like the name of Pharaoh’s Balance of Curse battle technique the good news of the figure’s announcement comes with a bit of misfortune for Saint Seiya collectors outside of Japan as the Myth Cloth Sphinx Pharaoh is a Tamashii web exclusive.

Sphinx Pharaoh includes die-cast metal surplice armor that doubles to build the sphinx object, three interchangeable face parts and four interchangeable hands (two left, two right), as well as his Egyptian harp. Myth Cloth Sphinx Pharaoh is listed at ¥9,180–about $90–and ships in November 2014. If you’re hoping to purchase Pharaoh, you’ll need to find a friend in Japan or be prepared to pay a premium from a middleman / proxy service.

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  • APJ

    There is so much detail and attention paid to a character that had extremely little airtime. This is how every toy line should be done. Inspiring!

    • Bandai almost always does it right. In the few instances they do underwhelm, they’ll usually return back to the item and blow it out of the water the second time. Wish U.S. toymakers would follow this lead.

      • APJ

        I never build the object, but sometimes they are so good, I wish they would give us enough parts to make the cloth and the object to be displayed together.