Sagittarius Aiolos Announced as Next Gold Saint in Tamashii Nations Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation Line

Tamashii Nations Saint Seiya D.D. Panoramation Sagittarius AiolosTamashii Nations’ Saint Seiya Dynamic Diorama (D.D.) Panoramation line is getting closer to a complete Sanctuary diorama with each release and Sagittarius Aiolos will continue the trend as the next Gold Saint in the line.

The 4-inch scale Aiolos is loaded with accessories. Besides parts to create the Sagittarius chamber in Sanctuary, including the wall revealing his last will, Aiolos includes interchangeable facial expressions and hair parts for unique display options; switch-out hands; a bow and arrow; a portrait of Seiya, who eventually dons the Sagittarius cloth; and two versions of baby Athena–one wrapped in blankets and one crawling.

Tamashii’s D.D. Panoramation Sagittarius Aiolos is priced ¥6,480 ($64) and is scheduled for release in Feb. 2017.

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