S. H. Figuarts Zero Joins Bandai’s Mega Man Zero Series

S.H. Figuarts Mega Man Zero

The latest addition to Bandai’s growing collection of Mega Man figures is their S.H Figuarts Zero, from Mega Man Zero.

Zero, whom the Mega Man Zero series named after, is fully articulated in typical S.H. Figuarts style and includes a Z-Saber,  Buster Shot, Triple Rod, and shield accessories. An interchangeable face and three switch-out hands are also included. Look for the S. H. Figuarts Zero figure this November at a $50.99 suggested retail price.

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  • APJ

    Wow…is that actually cheaper than import prices? Impressive! A must-own, but if they won’t do Robot Masters, I hope they get to the Battle Network, Super Smash Bros, and Legends MegaMan! Give me a reason to keep my collection.

    • The price is cheaper than import, but only because it’s a Tamashii Web Exclusive in Japan so there’s an immediate price hike that comes with that designation. Blue Fin knows Mega Man sells in the U.S. so they’ve committed to importing them, which keeps the price down for us, thankfully. Now if they would just import some of the Saint Seiya exclusives…