S.H. Figuarts Golden Knight Garo (Leon engraved (Kokuin) Ver.) Coming In June


Based on the anime, Garo: Honoo no Kokuin, Tamashii Nations brings us the S.H. Figuarts Golden Knight Garo (Leon engraved (Kokuin) Ver.) figure. The Garo armor Leon wears is inherited from his mother, as she was part of the Golden Knight bloodline from his maternal grandfather. It starts off being more unique as Leon seeks revenge, but once he comes to terms of being a hero, it takes form closer to that of the live action version. Included with the animated version of Garo armor is two sets of interchangeable hands, twin red scarves attached to the back of the armor with gold rings that are used to attack his enemies. Also included is Garo’s sword, Kibaokamiken. This is also a Tamashii Web Exclusive priced at 6,696 yen. It is expected to ship in June 2016.

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