[RUMOR] Will Marvel’s Doctor Strange Appear In The IRON FIST Netflix Series First?

An interesting rumor surfaced today involving Marvel’s Doctor Strange. According to Bleeding Cool source, Marvel is looking to have Doctor Strange first appear in an upcoming Netflix series before his movie is released. And from that they are told, that series could be Iron Fist, which is tentatively scheduled to premiere in 2016.

Now this is nothing more than a rumor and from what we know, Luke Cage is supposed to be released next after AKA Jessica Jones which premieres later this year. So depending on scheduling, this might not work out. Still, it would be cool to see them cross the Marvel Cinematic Universe over with the Marvel Television Universe using the Netflix series of characters.

Doctor Strange will be directed by Scott Derrickson and will star Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange. It is set for a November 4, 2016 release date.

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