[RUMOR] Next Xbox to Have 500GB of HDD Storage and For The ADD, Run Multiple Games At Once?

video-games-gaming-newsFirst let me start of saying, this is really all just rumor until Microsoft announces something. And it certainly is the first rumor to be spread about the next-gen Xbox console. We’ve heard rumors about the next Xbox may not playing used games, will play Blu-ray discs, and requires a constant Internet connection. So as you can see, there is plenty flying around. But the latest rumors come from someone who says they have a developer unit, at least according to Kotaku. This new system requires a mandatory Kinect, mandatory game installs, “beefier” multitasking and will feature new “naturally evolved” controllers, among other things. It is also said that the graphics are greatly improved, and was said to be like going from Halo on Xbox to Crysis on a PC. Certainly some things to think about. Is it all true? Will it make it into production with these features? All I can say is, we’ll know soon enough. (Source: Kotaku)

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