[RUMOR] Justice League Movie Still On? Christopher Nolan In Charge of It All?

hollywood-movie-newsOn, off, on, off. That is what the rumors surrounding Warner Bros. Justice League movie has been since the word first broke that they were going to be doing it. Last we heard, the movie was in big trouble. The script was bad and had to be re-written and they still didn’t have a director. Now, once again Latino-Review is reporting that Warner Bros. is still very much behind this movie and are still planning on movie ahead. They are looking at 2015 and are frantically looking for what they can release to go up against the juggernaut movies franchises of The Avengers and Star Wars that year. With Avengers 2 and Star Wars Episode VII to be released, Justice League needs to happen for them.

Word also is, that Christopher Nolan, the genius behind the latest Batman trilogy has taken the reigns on any DC Universe movie projects at Warner Bros. and must be cleared through him. Nolan will also produce the Justice League movie along with director Zack Snyder taking the director’s seat. Lastly, there are talks that Christian Bale could be returning to reprise his role as Batman, who would be joining Henry Cavill as Superman in the Justice League movie. As you can see, lots of rumors flying around. Latino-Review does have a good track-record with these types of rumors, but until official word is given from Warner Bros., consider it just that, a rumor. (Source: Latino-Review)

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  • ss210

    I think the JL film needs real star power with a real DC continuation /history to trul compete with the Avengers.Bringing Bale back would do that in spades