[RUMOR] Is Marvel Studios Planning a ‘Planet Hulk’ Movie?

hollywood-movie-newsBack in September we reported that Marvel Studios was looking at doing another Hulk movie. That movie would be based on Planet Hulk or World War Hulk. Well in continuity, Planet Hulk would have to come first. Anyways, Latino Review is bring it up again. They are saying sources are talking about another Hulk movie and that it fits within Marvel Studios Phase 3 plans. Which, since Doctor Strange is rumored to be apart of it, and he is one of the Illuminati, I could see this making some sense. Especially with the Doctor Strange movie rumor. I know I would like to see another Hulk movie. The second one wasn’t that bad. So chalk this up as a rumor for now, but since this keeps coming up in discussion, I would say the chances are good. (Via Latino-Review)


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