Rumor: Is Marvel Seeking Jason Statham for Bullseye in DAREDEVIL Season 2?

How cool would this rumor be if true? According to Latino Review sources at Marvel Television have told them that Transporter series, Expendables and (Fast and) Furious 7 star Jason Statham is being sought after by Marvel for their Daredevil Season 2. They are looking to cast the popular action star in the role of the deadly assassin named Bullseye! Seriously, how cool would that be? The sources say Statham has met with Marvel, but will the cards align for this perfect hand?

Dardevil Season 2 will premiere on Netflix in early 2016.

UPDATE: Well unfortunately things don’t appear to have aligned for this rumor. According to Bloody Disgusting, Marvel was in fact in talks with Statham, but all the attention the deal was getting because of the rumor hitting the interwebs has caused either both or one side to back down for fear or too much money being asked.

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