Is ‘Gotham Central’ Being Eyed As Next DC Universe TV Show After ‘The Flash’? *UPDATED*

television-news-and-talkSo with the success of Arrow, and with a Flash television series on the way, it looks as though DC is working towards a shared universe on TV at least. With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. debuting tonight, Marvel is already beating DC to the punch of bridging movies and TV, but DC has the opportunity to further set up their universe on television. In an interview with Ed Brubaker, he talks about how a Gotham Central TV project was in the works a few years back. Based on his comic series with DC Comics, Gotham Central focuses on the non-spandex side of Gotham, the home of Batman. Brubaker says the project was put on hold while Christopher Nolan worked on his Batman trilogy of films. Plus the poor performance of the short-lived Birds of Prey series contributed as well.

Now with Nolan done with his Batman projects and Arrow being a hit, could we possibly see this project resurrected? If done similar to Arrow, and possibly the forthcoming Flash series, could potentially be a big hit for DC. Especially if they worked in some of Batman’s rogues gallery (as Arrow has already borrowed from) too. Throw in an appearance of the Dark Knight himself, and they could have a very exciting series to work with. What do you think? (Source: USA Today via Screenrant)

UPDATE: Deadline is reporting that Fox has won bidding on an original series called, Gotham. This will be debuting next season with The Flash!

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