[RUMOR] Has the Villain For Guardians of the Galaxy Been Revealed? (Potential Spoiler)

hollywood-movie-newsTake this for what it is right now, a rumor, but according to a report at JoBlo, the main villain in Guardians of the Galaxy has been revealed as Ronan the Accuser. This is based on a source that has shared with the movie news site. When actor Lee Pace was cast last month, it was rumored he will be playing the main villain, and at that time it was The Collector. Now, with this latest information, could Pace be playing Ronan? He doesn’t have the physique for it, so would it be a CGI role? Ronan has fought many Marvel heroes, including the Fantastic Four, The Inhumans, and Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics and is a mainstay of the Marvel cosmic universe. So he is very much a major threat and one to give the Guardians their fair share of trouble. So what do you think, is Ronan a good choice for a villain in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie? (Source: JoBlo)

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