RUMOR: Chris Pratt and Danny McBride to Star in ‘Knight Rider’ Reboot?

hollywood-movie-newsIn 2008, the powers that be decided that a Knight Rider remake should happen. Which would have been fine and all, but it sucked. They even went with a different car, a Mustang, because the original series used a Pontiac Trans Am which they no longer make. Any ways, now the powers that be have decided again that Knight Rider needs another attempt at a reboot. This time a movie.

Over at Schmoes Know, they are reporting that Guardians of the Galaxy and Parks & Recreation star, Chris Pratt, along with Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down) have been offered starring roles in the reboot. There are no details as to which characters either of these guys would play, could go either way. Especially if they took a less serious approach (like 21 Jump Street) with the series, considering the 2008 Knight Rider reboot took itself WAY TOO SERIOUS and failed miserably. (Source: Schmoes Know)

chris-pratt-photo danny-mcbride

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