[RUMOR] Avengers 3 Might Have An All-New Team?

hollywood-movie-newsA recent rumor floating around is that Marvel is looking to split Avengers 3 into two films. That the story is so big it needs to be broken up. Well according to Devin Faraci of Badass Digest that rumor is not true. But according to Faraci, Marvel does have other plans for Avengers 3.

According to his report, they are planning to use Avengers 3 as a springboard to something else. He also says that the “big guns” won’t be featured in it. So no, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and possibly Black Widow. Since most of those actors have contracts that are ending soon, Marvel is looking to keep them for another big project, possibly something like Secret Wars, Civil War, or Infinity Gauntlet?

Marvel proved to themselves and fans with Guardians of the Galaxy that movie goers and fans are willing to look to movies that aren’t just Cap, Iron Man and Thor. This expansion begins with Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3, when Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and possibly Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel start the changeover. Big changes are coming to the MCU, are fans going to be accepting of it? I know I’m looking forward to it. (Source: Badass Digest)

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