Rodman, Durrant and Lin Joining Enterbay NBA Squad

The Enterbay NBA collection is adding some new team members to the squad as pre-order solicitations for thier Dennis Rodman, Kevin Durant and Jeremy Lin figures begin.

The Enterbay NBA Dennis Rodman figure comes with his 1996-1998 Chicago Bulls home and away jerseys, includes two unique portraits and features the Worm’s signature multi-color hair and tattoos. Enterbay is also offering a second body for Rodman, available for purchase separately for around $65, for those looking to make use of second portrait and uni.

Enterbay’s Kevin Durant figure comes in his blue away OKC jersey and includes an alternate portrait, several switch-out hands and his 2014 NBA League MVP trophy. Like Rodman and Durant, Enterbay’s Jeremy Lin comes with two portraits, however, Lin was solicited wearing his number 7 Houston Rockets home jersey and his recent trade to the Los Angeles Lakers may potentially delay the figure, if Enterbay decides to update the uniform. Look for Rodman, Durant and Lin for approximately $225.

In addition to the new figures, the Enterbay NBA locker room is slated for release later this year at around $125. The locker room includes a locker with cube chair, three unique water bottles, a towel, a pair of slippers, two pairs of interchangeable feet, two hangers and a sneaker box. Multiple lockers can be aligned side-by-side to truly create a locker room display environment and separate nameplates can also be purchased for approximately $20 to personalize the lockers.

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