Revoltech Gets Catty with Announcement of Two New Monster Hunter Figures

Revoltech Monster Hunter Melynx
The Revoltech line of figures is adding two new Monster Hunter characters from the cat-like Lynian race. The Revoltech Melynx and Felyne figures stand in at just over 4 inches tall and join the previously released trio of Tigrex figures as part of the Monster Hunter series. Both Melynx and Felyne figures are priced ¥5,000, about $40, and are available for pre-order, now.

The super-articulated Melynx comes with all the accessories the little sticky pawed thieves would need; a paw cat punch, barrel, shock trap pickaxe and carving knife. A set of interchangeable hands to wield his accessories and a figure stand for dynamic posing are also included.

Otomo Felyne
Joining Melynx is Otomo Felyne. Painted with the light-colored fur distinctive to the Felyne race, Otomo Felyne includes a brave neko lance. The culinary-cats of Monster Hunter, this Felyne can get his cook on with all the accessories needed to prepare a tender t-bone including a steak cooking set with chair, well-cooked steak, well-cooked steak optional bone part. A set of interchangeable weapon-holding hands is also included, as is a figure stand.

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