Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Legends Class Autobot Huffer

The latest theme for Hasbro’s Tranformers line is Combiner Wars. Its main feature of the line is obviously Autobots and Decepticons joining into Combiners (or some times referred to as Gestalts). But these are not the only gems to be found in this exciting new theme for Transformers, as usual there are other Autobots and Decepticons worth checking out and the Legends Class Huffer is one of them.

Becoming more readily available at retail this past week is the second wave of Combiner Wars Legends Class figures. This includes Huffer, Blackjack, along with Wave 1 Powerglide. Today we are taking a look at Huffer, the whiny and cranky Autobot.

This is a great modern update to the Generation 1 figure. Where the original G1 figure kept the cab more like a hood, this update does a great job of keeping the cab look, but breaking it down. The details in this size of a figure is pretty amazing too. I would love to see more Transformers done in this size and detail if it would allow for more in-scale characters to be done.

Overall this is a great Transformer and with the SRP $9.99, this has a definite value worth your money. So get going and check your local retailers for the latest in the Combiner Wars. In the meantime enjoy the gallery of images.

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