Review: SUPERGIRL Season 1, Episode 5 “How Does She Do It?”

Tonight features a brand new episode of the hit series, Supergirl. The show premiered to some of the best ratings of any show this fall TV season. It has since gone on to become fan favorite among the weekly superhero/comic book television shows. I think what helps it stand out is, not only the friendly and inviting nature of Melissa Benoist, but the heart that her character displays each week.

If I had to find a problem with the show right now, it would be that it is riding solo here on CBS. I’d love to see it interacting with other DC TV shows like The Flash and Arrow. With CBS being the parent company to The CW, this is still a possibility. Anyways, on to Monday’s episode.

In the episode “How Does She Do It?” we forgo the weekly super-villain this week for something a little more human, but that doesn’t mean that something sinister isn’t in play here. What starts with Kara’s handling of a mysterious drone flying in the sky over National City, turns into a man driven by revenge and setting bombs across the city. But is it really that simple?

We once again see that there is a dark secret to the head of the D.E.O., Hank Henshaw. Now for comic book fans the name resonated from the beginning as it belongs to a major Superman villain called, Cyborg Superman. It has been hinted at by series executive producer Andrew Kreisberg that will eventually see David Harewood’s character as something more, but would not reveal what that would be. Will we eventually see him become the more familiar Cyborg Superman? Only time will tell.

Also returning this week is Maxwell Lord played by Peter Facinelli. In the comics Lord was very heavily tied to the Justice League International and did have abilities of his own. If any of those will be used on Supergirl also remains to be seen, but what we have seen from so far is that he is a very shrewd and powerful businessman. And by the end of this episode, I would say he is almost exhibiting some Lex Luthor like tendencies towards Kara.

Overall this was a good, fun episode. It has a lot of the spirit that was once found in comic books (and very much absent these days). The show continues to show a lot of heart and features a positive role model that girls/women (and hopefully men too) can get behind in support of. I’m sure diehard comic book fans would want less of the romance/relationship stuff, but a weekly show that just has superheroes and villains punching it out will not last very long.

Be sure to tune in tonight for the latest episode of Supergirl, “How Does She Do It?” and see how she does it. Also, a big thanks to CBS for the opportunity to screen this episode in advance!

Note: In light of the tragic events in Paris recently, this episode does have some unfortunate timing with those events taking place in it. So CBS did switch this episode from last Monday to this week.

In the meantime, check out a couple of preview clips and images from the episode below.

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