Review: Petco Star Wars Pet Fans Collection


Petco has expanded their Star Wars Pet Fans Collection, and they sent us a few of the new products for our five furry companions to “use the force” with.

Come to the Bark Side

Some of you may recognize our convention-going Dachshund, Winnie, who sported Petco’s Yoda ears at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. This time around, Winnie is playing with two of Petco’s newest toys; a canvas X-Wing Fighter with  knotted rope engine thruster and a canvas Han Solo with plush head.

Both toys are well made and the predominately canvas construction is sturdy for rough play. The over-sized plush head on the Han toy is soft and the dogs have taken to using it as a pillow. The X-Wing, on the other hand, has been a hit for play because the knotted ropes are a favorite among our dogs. The bungee-knotted cannons on the X-Wing’s s-foils are preferred chew spots, while the larger engine rope is the primary means of transport across the living room floor. The X-Wing also has crinkle-filled wings and a squeaker right about where R2-D2 is located on the toy, which we found the humor in.

Besides the two samples we were provided, Petco has a variety other new Star Wars toys in their collection including a multi-squeaker filled Darth Vader that our Dachshund Riley would do back-flips over since he loves puncturing squeakers.

Harness the Force

Petco’s new Star Wars harnesses are so cute and practical, we want them all! The furry Chewbacca harness is our favorite because it pairs well with the new Chewbacca bandoleer multi-purpose dog lead.  The harness is well-made and can be sized to fit your pup with adjustments at the shoulders and waist. Our Beagle Brodie (pictured) wears it proudly and it’s great support for his back after his Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) surgery.

The muti-purpose lead is long and can be used several ways; from cross-body, hands-free to a double lead for two dogs. The lead clip is very sturdy and actually too heavy for our dachshunds–or probably any breed smaller than 20 lbs–but it’s perfect for medium to large breeds like a Beagle or Gordon Setter (as pictured). An included carabiner connects at various points of the lead to make it highly convertible, including the previously mentioned double lead. One suggestion for the double lead option would be to purchase an extra carabiner and attach the leash at the middle to your belt loop because the handle in the middle may be a little tight for people with larger hands.

“I want to learn the ways of the force and become a Jedi like my father!”

We highly recommend Petco’s Star Wars Pet Fans Collection. The items are well made and they’re a great way to share your fandom with others and bond with your pets. Our Beagle loves attention and seeing him wearing a Chewbacca harness not only puts a smile on people’s faces, it encourages the interaction he craves. Petco has many more Star Wars products for dogs and cats, ranging in price from $4.99 to 27.99, available online at and in Petco stores.

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