Review of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Ripclaw Figure

toy-news-and-talkOver at, they have posted a review of the Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Ripclaw figure. The Ripclaw figure is a Deluxe Class figure and is currently available at retail along with Beast Hunters Smokescreen as part of Wave 2. This is one just a few female Transformers, which also happens to be a Predacon, the latest faction to appear in the upcoming third season of Transformers Prime, appropriately named Beast Hunters. So head on over to and check out the review and more images of the Beast Hunters Ripclaw figure. (Source:

transformers-prime-beast-hunters-ripclaw-review-itsalltruenet-01 transformers-prime-beast-hunters-ripclaw-review-itsalltruenet-02 transformers-prime-beast-hunters-ripclaw-review-itsalltruenet-03

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