Review: October Toys Skeleton Warriors Baron Dark (and Titan Skeleton)

Last year October Toys held a Kickstarter campaign for their Skeleton Warriors glyos compatible line of figures. The campaign was to raise the initial funds for the main villain from the mid-’90s animated series, Baron Dark.

The Baron Dark (and Titan Skeleton) figure stands 5” tall, which October Toys is saying is in the 1/18th scale range. It features a good deal of articulation. There are standards joints you find with many action figures these days, and that it is a skeleton helps give it a nice range of motion for a variety of poses. The only real issue I found was the lower legs, the “material” around them somewhat hinders the ankle joint a little. Not a lot, but enough that you might notice it.

Since these are Glyos compatible figures, they do come completely apart. I’m going to be honest here, I was a little scared to do that. I pulled on the arms at the should and elbow and those joints were pretty tight. It felt as though I was stretching them out, so I opted to not take it apart. They head and torso came apart just fine, but the rest I was not chancing. I’m sure they would be fine, but since I saw no reason to disassemble them, I left it alone.

I admit I don’t know much about the Skeleton Warriors animated series. This came about at a time when I was more into Anime and not really into American animation. This didn’t change the fact that I thought October Toys had something cool coming our way and worth backing on Kickstarter. I still don’t know much about the brand, but I can definitely appreciate a great figure and that is what we got. I do hope they are able to do more figures in the line now that this one is in hands of fans.

Both figures are available now from October Toys, the Baron Dark is available for $20 and Titan Skeleton for $10. There is even a Metal Weapons 3 Pack available for purchase, with Glyos compatible weapons for adding to your Skeleton Warriors army. I would imagine there isn’t a large supply of either, so don’t wait too long if you are interested.

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