Review: NECA Terminator 2: Judgement Day Ultimate T-800 7″ Scale Action Figure

Today we are going to take a look at the NECA Terminator 2: Judgement Day Ultimate T-800 7″ Scale Action Figure. This is the latest in their Terminator Series of action figures based on the popular sci-fi film franchise from the 80’s and 90’s.

To say this is anything short of “ultimate” would be wrong. This version of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character from Judgement Day, the T-800 that was sent back in time to be a guardian to John Connor, is truly amazing looking. From head-to-toe the sculpt is incredibly detailed. From the creases in the leather coat to the wrinkles in the pants. From the buttons, zippers and straps on the jacket, to the bullet holes, this figure is a fantastic sculpt. The likeness of Schwarzenegger is great too. It is one of the best I have seen at any scale and I do think it is much improved over the first ’84 Terminator figure and the recent Predator Dutch figures.

The paint application to the figure looks great from head-to-toe as well. With the right amount of embellishments that enhance the figure’s details. I’m also very pleased with the paint applied to the head sculpts, versus the way the Predator Dutch figures were done. It has a much more natural look to it.

As for accessories, well you can’t call it “ultimate” and not have a load out to take on an army, right? Don’t worry, NECA has you covered. The Ultimate T-800 comes with: a 1911 pistol, a 1887 Winchester sawed-off shotgun, a M97 Grenade Launcher, a removable bandolier with extra grenades for the M97, and a GE M134 Minigun with ammo bag. All of these were sculpted with attention to detail, there is even a Winchester emblem on the side of the shotgun. It is these kinds of things that sets NECA apart from their competition and one of the main reason that I and other fans enjoy their product so much.

Also included with the figure are three interchangeable heads. The “standard” Arnie head, a head with the iconic sunglasses he wore in the movie and a “battle-damaged” head. All three sport an amazing likeness of Arnold with great detail.

This all comes packaged in a nice window display box that opens for displaying your figure in the box if you choose to do so. The packaging features some great imagery of the figure recreating some scenes from the movie as well.

Overall, this is a great figure of an iconic character. If you are a fan of the movie, or like great figures, then I strongly suggest picking one up. The NECA Terminator 2: Judgement Day Ultimate Terminator 7″ Scale Action Figure began shipping out to retailer last week, so you should probably start seeing it on shelves now or any day. You can also pick on up off Amazon too.

Thanks for checking out my review of the Ultimate T-800 action figure, I hope you enjoy the gallery of more than three dozen photos highlighting the awesomeness of this mini-Arnold!

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  • Cobra Commander

    “The likeness of Schwarzenegger is great too. It is one of the best I have seen at any scale and I do think it is much improved over the first ’84 Terminator figure and the recent Predator Dutch figures.” Um, no.

    This entire figure re-uses the full sculpt from the Cyberdyne Showdown figure from 2009 with just new leg articulation added. The obvious age of the sculpt can be seen by the exposed elbow pegs, which NECA hasn’t done in years. And while this figure still holds up well today, to say that the 6 year-old head sculpt has a better Arnold likeness than the recent Predator Dutch figures is crazy. The Dutch figures are quite possibly the best likeness of any real person ever captured in toy form I’ve ever seen. The Ultimate T-800, while certainly recognizable, can’t compare. Not even close.

    Otherwise, it’s nice to see NECA essentially re-release a few of their hard-to-find T2 figures in this Ultimate set, as the parts combo included in the box allows people to pretty much re-create the Cyberdyne Showdown, T2 3D: Battle Across Time, and Steel Mill figures, depending on how you mix and match the heads and accessories. Their T2 figures, lack of leg articulation aside, were pretty awesome back in 2009, which is the only reason they can get away with re-using those molds today. Kudos for upgrading the legs with hip, knee, and ankle joints, NECA!

    I just got this set yesterday. I never had the Steel Mill figure, so obviously that’s the way I set mine up. I already have the Cyberdyne Showdown and T2 3D: Battle Across Time figures, and I’m considering buying two more of the Ultimate T2 figs for the new legs. Might be kinda pointless, however, since they just sit in one spot on my shelf, anyway. We shall see!

    BTW, one little complaint: the way the accessories are packed ends up damaging several of them. I can see in your review that both handles on the minigun are squashed almost to the point of being useless, which is the same thing that happened to me. NECA needs to be more careful about that.

    • I don’t have the 2009 figure, so I wasn’t aware that it was mostly a repaint of that figure. As far as the likeness, that is just my opinion. I like the look of the T2 figure over the Dutch figures. Not that I think the Dutch figures are bad, I just like the look of the T2 Arnie a little more.

      As for the accessories getting squashed, I did forget to note it, but since they are so soft, didn’t think it was such an issue since they are easy to reform.

      • Cobra Commander

        Hey, opinions, we all got ’em. Nice review, BTW.

        • That is true. Thanks!