Review: NECA Pacific Rim Kaiju Ultra-Deluxe Flying Otachi Version

A few months ago I took a look at the NECA Pacific Rim Ultra-Deluxe Otachi (Land Version) 7” figure. Then just last month I took a look at the Pacific Rim Kaiju Rubber Baby Otachi figure. Now today, I’m going to take a look at the latest in the Otachi family, the Kaiju Ultra-Deluxe Flying Otachi (Winged Version) 7” figure. Released just last week, this new entry in NECA’s Pacific Rim Kaiju line is a fantastic piece of art.

This thing is massive. It has a wingspan of nearly 2 feet! As you can see from the photos of the box it comes in, that even though it is a 7” figure (vertical), that is a bit deceiving. Once you have it out of the box though, you get a true sense of the size of this thing.

Once again NECA has delivered something amazing with the detail on this thing. Taken from the digital files used to create the creature in the movie, they have done an incredible job translating it to an action figure. The wings on the Flying Otachi are beautiful. I’m in total amazement at the detail and just how good they look.

The Flying Otachi figure comes with clear plastic stand that is in two pieces. It easily goes together using a couple pegs on one of the pieces plugging into the other. There is also a pair really small screws you can use to keep the pieces together permanently, but I didn’t find they were needed, at least yet.

Also included is an interchangeable “spitting” tongue for Otachi. This is similar to the “Land Version,” which are easy to swap out. Speaking of the “Land Version”, parts from both are interchangeable too. So you can remove the end of the damaged tail and put the tail from the “Land Version” onto the “Winged Version” to have yourself a whole Otachi if you so choose to do so. By doing this you have one incredibly huge figure that looks fantastic.

The packaging it comes in is the new standard for the Ultra-Deluxe Kaiju figures, a window-box style, but sadly in this case, the figure is so big with the wings it sits pretty far back from the window that you can barely see it. I couldn’t even get it to show up while photographing the front of the box. I swear it is in there.

The NECA Pacific Rim 7” Ultra-Deluxe Kaiju Otachi Flying Version Action Figure is available at select place, along with the NECA Pacific Rim 7″ Kaiju Otachi Ultra-Deluxe Action Figure (Land version) too. Online retailer BigBadToyStore has it in-stock too and it is a bit cheaper than what is on Amazon. The suggested retail on it is $79.99 (BBTS is selling it for $64.99), so what you find it for will vary.

I definitely recommended picking this monster of a figure up, like I said it is a piece of art worth having. Hopefully the gallery below will help you decide either way. Enjoy!

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