Review: NECA Pacific Rim Kaiju Rubber Baby Otachi

Today we are going to take a look at the NECA Pacific Rim Kaiju Rubber Baby Otachi. Not sure this will be much of a review though. Not because I found this to be a bad purchase either, but there isn’t much to review. This is a 6 inch long rubber figure, with zero articulation. It is meant to be a display piece with your Deluxe Kaiju Otachi (if you have one).

Taken straight from the movie in the scene after Gipsy Danger takes down the Kaiju Otachi and Hannibal Chau and his people arrive to excavate the remains. They eventually find out that Otachi was pregnant and the baby survived the fight and becomes loose on the crew and eventually swallowing Chau, then strangling itself on the umbilical cord.

The Pacific Rim Kaiju Rubber Baby Otachi comes on a blister card packaging. It is retailing around $10.99. This is what I paid for it at Toys R Us. Some places are a little cheaper and some are a $1 more. Either way, the price is about right for this “gag” figure.

Check out the gallery of images below. Enjoy.

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